Eco-industrial Park

Eco-industrial Park has waste-to-energy as the core part, while also carrying out integrated treatment of various wastes. It also changes the traditional "Resource-Product-Waste" linear mode into "Resource-Product-Renewable Resource" recycling mode, and is the preferred solid waste comprehensive treatment mode of circular economy. SUS Eco-industrial Park has been selected as "50 Resources Recycling Bases" in China, which has three advantages:

Small Environment Impact, Small Floor Area

Low Investment Cost & Low Operation Cost

Good Use of Resources, High Management Efficiency

Typical Performance

Efficient Collaboration – Turning Waste into Treasure

Energy Circulation The steam generated by waste incineration is provided to projects such as sludge drying, restaurant and kitchen waste treatment, and medical waste cooking. In addition to the use of the park, the power generation is used by the residents after being connected to the grid.

Material Circulation The residues after treatment such as sludge drying, kitchen waste treatment, medical waste cooking etc., are returned to the incinerator and incinerated to generate electricity.

Water Recycling The leachate and domestic wastewater of the park are purified and treated by the leachate treatment center to become reclaimed water, which is then used for production and greening of the park to achieve zero discharge and full reuse.

Recycling of Biogas The biogas produced by the treatment of garbage can be used for thermal energy utilization in waste-to-energy plants or power generation by biogas generators after a uniform purification.


  • Zhejiang Ningbo Solid Waste Disposal Center

  • Zhuhai CITIC Environmental Protection Industrial Park

  • Qingdao West Coast New District venous Industrial Park