Technical Consultation & Transformation Service

Shanghai Kanghengyuzao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (KHZ), jointly established by SUS Environment and Hitachi Zosen, integrates the advantages of both sides in market, technology, management and other aspects, builds a perfect equipment maintenance system, and is a leading environmental protection technology service provider in China.

Business Scope

  • Technical Consultation Service

    ①Incineration Technology Consultation
    ② Design Consultation
    ③ Incineration Plant Evaluation and Consultation
    ④ Incineration Equipment Performance Diagnosis
  • Operation Management Business

    ① Daily Operation Management of Waste-to-Energy Plant
    ② Guidance on Optimal Operation of Waste-to-Energy Plant
  • Spare Parts Sales

    ① Spare Parts for Important Equipment
    ② Spare Parts for Wearing Parts
    ③ Original Imported Spare Parts
  • Maintenance Business

    ① Daily Maintenance of Waste-to-Energy Plant
    ② Overhaul of Waste-to-Energy Plant
    ③ Equipment Transformation of Waste-to-Energy Plant
  • Third-party Function Supervision

    ① Plant Operation Supervision
    ② Comprehensive Expert Support
    ③ Smart Supervision System Construction

Comprehensive and In-depth “Care”

Unlike the traditional domestic equipment maintenance mode, KHZ is committed to building a perfect equipment maintenance process, providing timely maintenance suggestions through the information provided by equipment diagnosis. This results into a reduced risk of operation with diseases and unplanned shutdowns, changing "treatment" into "prevention", so as to make the project operation more stable.

Typical Case
  • Before the reconstruction of Haicang Project, there were some problems such as serious coking of incinerator, over standard CO emission, waste treatment cannot operate at full load and so on. The direct economic loss reached 11.73 million yuan per year. After the transformation, the indicators are now continuously optimized, and the safety, stability, environmental protection and economic benefits are greatly improved.