SUS Environment and International Environmental Technology Center Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

From May 21st to May 22nd, 2019, the "Technical Solutions for Global Waste Management" conference jointly organized by the International Environmental Technology Center (IETC), a subsidiary of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Osaka City Government, was held in Osaka, Japan. Long Jisheng, an expert member of the International Solid Waste Association and Chairman and CEO of SUS Environment, was invited to attend the meeting. In addition, SUS Environment has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the United Nations International Environmental Technology Center (IETC), and the two parties will deepen cooperation in global solid waste management.

Chairman Long Jisheng introduced the great achievements made by China's waste-to-energy industry at the meeting. He pointed out that waste incineration has obvious advantages over landfills. It not only reduces the amount and makes it more harmless, but can also generate electricity online to realize waste reuse. After 30 years of development, China's waste-to-energy  industry has been at the forefront of the world. China is willing to share the rich experience gained in practice with other countries. In particular, SUS Environment has solved the problem of high moisture content and low calorific value of Chinese waste by transforming incinerator grate and optimizing process flow. This experience is especially applicable to other Asian countries with similar eating habits.

At the meeting, the successful case of SUS Environment's transformation from "neighboring avoidance" to "neighbor benefit" attracted widespread attention. SUS Environment Ningbo Mingzhou Waste-to-Energy Project adopts strict flue gas purification technology. It is the first project of SUS to adopt the "seven-step method" complete combination system. The flue gas emission indicators are better than the strict EU emission standards (2010/75/EU). The project is a garden-style factory area, and has a waste sorting museum, fitness and sports facilities, party building halls, etc., all open to the public for free. The project will build the factory area into an open community, build the community into a home shared with surrounding residents, and successfully turn "neighboring avoidance" into "neighbor benefit", and revolutionize the industry.

SUS Environment's efforts to solve the problem of waste disposal in China were recognized by the guests. Long Jisheng, Chairman and CEO of SUS Environment, and Keith Alverson, Director of the United Nations International Environmental Technology Center (IETC), signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties, planning to continuously deepen cooperation in global solid waste management.

With excellent technology and services, SUS Environment is working hard to make solid waste management another beautiful business card in China. On March 25, 2019, under the witness of the leaders of China and France, SUS Environment, China Investment Corporation, French National Investment Bank, and French company Qair jointly signed the "Renewable Energy Development Platform Co-construction Cooperation" at the Elysee Palace in Paris, which locked in the first batch of project investment intentions of 2 billion euros. On April 8, 2019, SUS Environment signed a US$100 million loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank. This is the first low-carbon eco-industrial park supported by the Asian Development Bank.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a communication platform for governments and enterprises of various countries. Among the invited guests were Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary of the Basel Convention, Antonis Mavropoulos, Chairman of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), former Minister of Environment of Egypt, officials from the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Osaka City of Japan, officials from many countries in Southeast Asia, and environmental protection companies from many countries.

Chairman long Jisheng and ISWA chairman, IETC director, etc

The topics of the conference are divided into "plastics and marine waste", "electronics and hazardous waste", "waste incineration", and "global waste management". Guests will have in-depth exchanges and sharing experiences around the topics. It was reported that the results of the meeting had provided an important reference for related topics of the G20 summit held in Osaka, Japan from June 28 to June 29.