SUS News | Carrying on the Past, SUS Environment Welcomes Powerful New Shareholders


Recently, the signing ceremony of the shareholder agreement of Shanghai SUS Environment Co., Ltd. was grandly held. The original shareholders of SUS Environment signed a new shareholder agreement with investors of state-owned enterprises, mainly SIIC Group.


Speech by Zhou Jun, President of SIIC Group

The participation of investors from state-owned enterprises such as SIIC Group is a high recognition of the comprehensive strength of SUS Environment, which will promote SUS Environment to deepen the environmental protection collaborative business expansion and global development, and enter a new historical development stage.

SIIC is Shanghai's largest and strongest comprehensive enterprise group overseas. Its marketization, internationalization experience, and the development strategy of "based on Shanghai, relying on Hong Kong, serving the country strategy, and taking the road of internationalization" will help SUS Environment to realize the development strategy of "recreating a SUS overseas" in 2025, and move towards "Becoming the world's leading enterprise in comprehensive environmental management" is making steady progress. At the same time, it will promote SUS Environment on the basis of consolidating the main business of waste-to-energy, accelerate the development of new collaborative processing businesses such as organic industrial solid waste, construction waste, medical waste, and wet waste. It will comprehensively strengthen the comprehensive service capabilities of the entire industry chain integrating investment, construction and operation.

After twelve years of rapid and high-quality development, SUS Environment has grown into a leading company in China's solid waste treatment industry which is a strategic target of the capital market. As of November 2020, SUS Environment has obtained nearly 60 waste-to-energy PPP projects in total, processing more than 80,000 tons of domestic waste per day, ranking second in the industry. It also provides technology and equipment services for more than 200 waste-to-energy projects. The equipment handles more than 200,000 tons of domestic waste per day, with a market share of over 1/3.


Speech by Long Jisheng, Chairman and CEO of SUS Environment

The company has been widely recognized by the industry by virtue of its excellent scientific and technological strength, and has been hailed as a "solid waste scientist". Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the list of key special projects of the national key research and development plan "Solid Waste Recycling", and the research of "Key Technologies for Efficient Co-processing of Industrial Organic Solid Waste in Waste Incineration Facilities" led by SUS Environment was approved. This is after the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2013, the technical strength of SUS Environment has once again been highly recognized at the national level.

As early as 2014, China's leading asset management institution-CITIC Industrial Fund, prior to SIIC, became a shareholder of SUS Environment, helping SUS Environment to quickly transform from a supplier of mechanical grate furnace technology and equipment to a service provider for the entire industry chain of comprehensive solid waste management. The industry generally believes that the joining of SIIC will enable SUS Environment to achieve another major leap and enter a new stage of development.

News Background

Shanghai Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. ("SIIC Group") was incorporated in Hong Kong in July 1981. It is a window enterprise of the Shanghai Municipal Government in Hong Kong. It is currently wholly-owned by the Shanghai SASAC and authorized to operate Shanghai SIIC (Group) Co., Ltd.

SIIC's business covers five major areas: medicine and healthcare, infrastructure and environmental protection, real estate and regional development, consumer goods, financial services and investment, and innovative new frontier businesses. It has 5 domestic and foreign listed companies, more than 1,000 member companies, and 62,000 employees. As of the end of 2019, the total assets of SIIC reached RMB 342.2 billion. In 2019, it achieved operating income of RMB 217.5 billion and total profit of RMB 13.4 billion. It is Shanghai's largest and strongest comprehensive enterprise group overseas and one of the most representative Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong.

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