SUS College

SUS adheres to the talent concept of "Talent-oriented". On June 18, 2016, SUS College was established, and Dr. Long Jisheng, Chairman and CEO of SUS, served as the dean. SUS college is the core Department of talent cultivation in SUS. With advanced teaching hardware facilities, complete curriculum system and strong lecturer team, it has trained a large number of excellent talents for the company.

As the first social oriented enterprise college in China's waste-to-energy industry, SUS college provides technical and management training for customers and partners. It is committed to becoming the "Huangpu Military Academy" for talent cultivation in the solid waste industry and accumulating talents to promote the development of China's waste-to-energy industry.

SUS Intermediate Talent Training Camp
College Student Training Camp
SUS Senior Talent Training Camp
SUS Grassroots Talent Training Camp